Other Cases Involving Local Authority

Case Name Represented Party Issue Outcome


Re B children (2009) Mother Mother subject to domestic violence, failure to protect children from emotional harm. Mother also had very low IQ / cognitive function. Children remained in mother’s care after successful parenting assessment.
Re W children (2009) Mother Father of child was convicted of sexual abuse against another child, concerns about mother allowing contact between child and father and risks posed. Child returned to mother after successful challenge as mother had sufficiently protected child.
Re S children ( 2010) Father Neglect issues by mother, father only recent got involved with child who was removed from mother. Father underwent parenting assessment and child rehabilitated to his care.
Re F children (2010) Father Neglect issues aimed at both parents, local authority Care plan was adoption outside family. Children managed to stay with paternal aunt after she was joined as a party to the proceedings.
Re H children (2011) Father Mother had severe mental health issues, father had little contact or relationship with child due to mother not having allowed this. Child placed in the father’s permanent care.
Re G children (2011) Mother Neglect, due to mother’s learning difficulties and non co-operation with professionals involved. Mother had successful independent social work assessment and experts identified support package to assist. Children returned under Supervision Order.


Re M children (2012)


Father Mother had severe mental health issues and children suffering some neglect and emotional abuse. Child placed in the father’s care along with the child’s half siblings.
C child (2013) Mother Child born following an affair with severe genetic disability where mother had no immigration status of the U.K. Mother wanted child adopted by current foster carer and this was achieved.
Re L children (2013) Mother Placement of children under SGO with maternal aunt and uncle broke down. Concerns about parents’ care of the children previously, which included domestic abuse in the home, criminal behaviour, neglect and emotional abuse. Children placed in the father’s care which the client supported despite the father being ruled out in the first set of Care Proceedings.
Re S child (2013) Paternal Great Aunt Child was found to have NAI which the mother accepted in her care. Assessment of the mother were negative and the father felt unable to put himself forward to care for the child long term Other members of the maternal family were ruled out. Plans for child to be adopted. Child placed with paternal aunt under Special Guardianship Order.
Re P children (2014) Father Family of 9 children whereby there were concerns in relation to neglect, emotional abuse, home conditions, parents cognitive functioning and ability of parents to meets the needs of a child who had disabilities. Children remained in the care of the mother and father throughout. Child with disabilities returned to the mother and father’s care.
Re T children (2012 & 2014) Mother Family of 4 children where concerns in relation to neglect, emotional abuse and inappropriate physical chastisement. Mother had an extremely difficult relationship with the Local Authority whereby they could not communicate directly with one another. In the first set of proceedings an agreement was reach whereby the eldest child did not need to be subject to proceedings. Other 3 children returned to the mother’s long term care following being placed in foster care. In second set of the children remain in the mother’s care with 1 child being placed with the maternal grandmother under Special Guardianship Orders. The Local Authority’s plan were for adoption and long term foster care.
Re L children (2014) Mother Concerns in relation to neglect, mother’s mental health, domestic abuse, inappropriate physical chastisement and emotional abuse. Child placed in maternal grandmother’s care under Special Guardianship Order.
Re BR child (2015) Paternal Grandmother Child following birth removed from mother’s care following concerns over neglect and alcohol misuse. Assessment of mother and father were negative. In first set of proceedings the child was returned to both parents care under a Supervision Order. During
Re N children (2013 &2015) Father Child placed in foster care following concerns in relation to domestic abuse between the parents, parents’ mental health and emotional abuse. Interim Care Order not granted and children remained in mother’s care throughout. the Supervision Order placement broke down where mother’s mental health deteriorated and an incident of domestic abuse. Child was placed with family friends. Assessments undertaken and it was argued for the child to be returned to the father’s sole care. A Child Arrangements Order granted to father and a Supervision Order. Mother maintained regular contact.
Re Z children (2016) Mother 6 children where there were concerns in relation to neglect, emotional and physical abuse. Concerns whether older children were beyond parental control following repetitive criminal behaviour and gang involvement. Mother was also involved in criminal activity. Assessment of mother with step father undertaken and children remained in mother and step father’s care under a Supervision Order.