Many people are faced with social services involvement in their family life and are left to deal with such intervention by themselves. This can be a daunting experience as you may be compelled to make changes in your life.

If social services feel that your child is at risk of harm or in need of help, they have a duty to investigate and assess what actions should be taken to safeguard your child or promote their welfare. It is important to try and work alongside the social worker and cooperate as best you can, however this can be difficult as they never appear to be on your side.  A lot of parents do not know where they stand or what processes are involved.

We have put together this website to give you an overview of the process involved with social services when they become involved with your family and how you do not have to face such matters alone.

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We represent parents and family members who are faced with social services due to concerns about their children. We offer assistance from the very instant that you hear that knock on the door right the way to any court process that may follow.

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